Ensuring Shipping Readiness with Stretch Film

After getting the items packaged well and the cartons put together, now is the time to set off your products to the market. At the moment of preparing your items for shipping, your ultimate goal is to make sure that the products are secured well in order to avoid any risk of damage. In this scenario, you are going to need to use the shipping supplies which could avoid the movement of items in the shipment.

One of the items that you can use in this regard is the stretch film. For different requirements, there are different types of stretch films used. If you want to go with the manual stretch wrapping option, you need to know that you can get supplies and tools to use the film around shipments of different heights and widths. You can also consider using automation for the stretch wrapping of your shipments.

No matter what your shipping requirements are, you can discuss them with the professional shipping suppliers to get right suggestion about the use of shipping supplies, especially stretch film.

Difference between manual and automatic stretch film wrapping

Whether or not you want to use automatic stretch film wrapping option entirely depends upon the volume of shipments and your own requirements. However, you have to keep in mind that manual handling leads to the irregular wrapping of the film. This irregularity may be of no big concern in several situations but if you want the labels underneath the film to be prominent, you can use automatic option to ensure even stretch wrapping. Moreover, you will be able to ensure 250% extra stretching of the film as compared to manual stretch.

If you want to deal with the uniform loads, you can consider using hand-held tool to wrap film around them. Even if the shipments are not quite regularly shaped, you can still do the manual wrapping but you are going to have to use a different film for this purpose.

Bundling film for smaller loads

In many situations, you get the shipment which is too small for a pallet. In this scenario, you can consider using convenient hand bundling films. The use of these films is a one-handed operation.

The best thing about stretch wrap is that they act like tape. They hold the items in one place quite amazingly during the entire process of shipping. And from the financial perspective, stretch films are quite less expensive. You can even negotiate with the suppliers over the price of the film that want to use.


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