Ensuring Shipping Readiness with Stretch Film

After getting the items packaged well and the cartons put together, now is the time to set off your products to the market. At the moment of preparing your items for shipping, your ultimate goal is to make sure that the products are secured well in order to avoid any risk of damage. In this scenario, you are going to need to use the shipping supplies which could avoid the movement of items in the shipment.

One of the items that you can use in this regard is the stretch film. For different requirements, there are different types of stretch films used. If you want to go with the manual stretch wrapping option, you need to know that you can get supplies and tools to use the film around shipments of different heights and widths. You can also consider using automation for the stretch wrapping of your shipments.

No matter what your shipping requirements are, you can discuss them with the professional shipping suppliers to get right suggestion about the use of shipping supplies, especially stretch film.

Difference between manual and automatic stretch film wrapping

Whether or not you want to use automatic stretch film wrapping option entirely depends upon the volume of shipments and your own requirements. However, you have to keep in mind that manual handling leads to the irregular wrapping of the film. This irregularity may be of no big concern in several situations but if you want the labels underneath the film to be prominent, you can use automatic option to ensure even stretch wrapping. Moreover, you will be able to ensure 250% extra stretching of the film as compared to manual stretch.

If you want to deal with the uniform loads, you can consider using hand-held tool to wrap film around them. Even if the shipments are not quite regularly shaped, you can still do the manual wrapping but you are going to have to use a different film for this purpose.

Bundling film for smaller loads

In many situations, you get the shipment which is too small for a pallet. In this scenario, you can consider using convenient hand bundling films. The use of these films is a one-handed operation.

The best thing about stretch wrap is that they act like tape. They hold the items in one place quite amazingly during the entire process of shipping. And from the financial perspective, stretch films are quite less expensive. You can even negotiate with the suppliers over the price of the film that want to use.


The Pros and Cons of Moving Yourself or Hiring a Moving Company

Moving houses can be overwhelming for anyone. Some people grapple with issues such as where to get cheap moving boxes or when to plan their move. The decision may also be a bit tough if you have young children.

One of the common decisions which most movers struggle with is whether to do the moving themselves or to hire a mover. This decision is usually affected by other crucial factors such as your budget, the magnitude of the process and the items to be moved. Both decisions have their pros and cons and depending on which option works best, moving yourself or hiring a moving company could be ideal.

Advantages of Moving Yourself

One of the advantages of moving yourself is that you have absolute control over the process. This control extends to when and how you plan the move. This means that you can take your time to pack your items and schedule your moving date. If you plan on moving a few items over a period of time, moving yourself gives you this flexibility. When you do the move yourself, you can also rest assured that none of your items will be mishandled during the process.

Another advantage of moving yourself is that you do not have to spend a lot of money. You can decide to hire a truck for the move or use your own vehicle. This will save you some money as opposed to hiring a moving company to help you.


One of the disadvantages of moving yourself is that you may have to deal with heavy lifting. Trying to move heavy items or getting help from friends who are not experienced movers may lead to destruction of property or accidents.

Another disadvantage is that you may end up being disorganized. Moving companies usually help movers deal with logistics and better planning. They c an also handle any problems which may arise unexpectedly.

Advantages of Hiring Movers

One of the benefits of hiring a moving company is that you will not do the heavy work yourself. If you hire professional movers, you may end up not lifting any item. If you hire a reliable and reputable company, you will also enjoy efficient moving services. Your move will be scheduled correctly and this will save you many hours. In general, hiring moving companies reduces stress.


One of the downsides of hiring movers is that it takes away from the flexibility which you would have if you moved yourself. Moving companies usually operate around a strict schedule which may also take away the control you have in the moving process.

Another downside is that movers can be expensive. Whether you are moving to a house across the street or to another state, a moving company will still charge you for their services. For anyone who likes to be in control, letting strangers handle their belongings can be difficult to handle.

Before choosing a moving option that works for you, consider these pros and cons.